Bronislavice, gigantická aglomerace s milióny obyvatel. Budována již od 29. 12. 2006!


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esperemos el trámite prospere en la ONU y que no haya cabilderos infiltrados, lo mismo que en la Corte Penal Intelnacionar, donde el enano antes de huir del pais, busca colocar personeros clave que impidan la demanda en su contra por genocidio siga su curso.

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Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this!

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Another gorgeous creation…I want to be you when I grow up.I use old spice bottles to hold my dew drops and other small embellishments.  So easy to jazz them up with rub-ons for holding small flowers and other tiny gifts.  I just pop a die cut circle over the lid to hide the words…Justrite stampers are perfect for this project too.

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Great post, Baron.  Developments in Europe should be a wake-up call to fence-sitters and boy scouts: You may not be interested in racial matters, but racial matters are interested in you.  You can not escape the issues of race, immigration, and culture. At some point, you will have to make a choice. Which side are you on? Looks as if at least some of the people in Austria made the right choice.

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Just wondering: were there a lot of skill guys in the 2012 recruiting class? I haven’t done a whole lot of research, but am just wondering, since thus far the 2013 class only has one skill guy. Not complaining at all. Just wondering.

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There is another option #4:keep on removing governments but not replacing them (with tribute thinly disguised as "nation-building"). For a fraction of the cost in blood and treasure we have already spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, we could have made a grand tour of the middle east, 10x over, toppling regimes.As a last resort (regrettable because of the loss of Coptics), one well-placed bunker-buster at the High Aswan Dam would effectively remove power from any potential regime in Egypt.

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Now we know who the sensible one is here. Great post!

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Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

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Foarte frumoasa cartea: o mai spun inca o data! O sa ma apuc si eu  (luna viitoare cel mai probabil) de seria Cercul Secret. Pana atunci urmaresc serialul! :p

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